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Welcome to an online gathering place for those who were members and friends of the Science Fiction Society
at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Re-unite! Whether you call the old school UIC, UICC, Circle, or whatever, it doesn't matter. Re-acquaint!

ATTENTION: Michael Azzariti's photos of members is the biggest, recent addition to this site. Click pic below. Thanks, Mike.


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So, what's been happening at the ol' school?

Search four ways:
1. Google, in general;
2. Specifically in this site;
3. In the university website, or;
4. In the alumni association:


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Guestbook for simply signing in, sharing a thought and seeing what others have said.

Bulletin Board for interactive discussions on all topic concerning the University of Illinois at Chicago Science Fiction Society.

 Winter 1980 Membership    
 Dan Aronson   Dan Backley   Bob Banke
 Robin Beal   Robert Bradley  Mike Bumann
 Richard Danielewicz  Jose Manuel "Manny" DeAlba Perez  John Donat
 Dave Downs  Cory Glaberson  Rob Glass
 Tom Godwin  Tom Gross  Bill Hay
 Mary Pat Jenkins  Joy King  Jim Kobrinetz
 Tony Kozlowski  Tom Krickl  Matt Lee
 Mary Alice Losey  Ernie Marek  Joseph A. Merrill III
 Greg Nawrocki  Roland Priebe  Raul Rousset
 Thalia St. Lewis  Carolyn Schierhorn  Jose Sousa 
 Mary Ann Cramer-Trzyna   Vito Vitkauskas  Lorelei Watson
 Bradley Wood  Greg Zelchenko   


 Winter 1980 Friends of the SFS    
 James Bellinger  Nancy Caddigan  Malcolm Cunningham
 Silvio L. Emery  Bob Garcia  Jim Hay
 Alice Insley Bentley  Hugh Manning  Darius Marauskas
 Bill Peterson  Brian Reid  Ben Reytblat
 George A. Sanchez  Tony Solis  Pat Nelson - Advisor

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Pronouncing The Name of Your Friendly, Neighborhood Webmaster: Vito "Vitkauskas"

   The pronunciation of Vitkauskas seems simple and phonetic to another Lithuanian.

   Still, others want hints.

   "Vitt-kows-kuss" seems close, but not very memorable.

   Elsie says, trying to pronounce the surname "with cow's kiss" makes it a more "moo"-ving, memorable muttering.

Fondness for being part of SFS
How fondly do you remember your time at the SFS?

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Not fondly at all
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